Nicotine replacement therapy for quitting tobacco

Nicotine gum and lozenges release nicotine slowly into the mouth.
Nicotine patches stick to your skin and slowly release nicotine through the skin into your bloodstream.
The nicotine inhaler has a holder that contains nicotine. The inhaler delivers a puff of nicotine vapor into your mouth and throat.

Low-Fat Vegan Diet for Reversing Diabetes

I have often declared that there are many good eating strategies for diabetes reversal. All eating strategies have strengths and weaknesses. In this blog entry, I’ll share my thoughts about Dr. Neal Barnard’s program for reversing diabetes.
I like Dr. Barnard’s approach. He is a physician who cares deeply...more

Vitamin E May Lower Women's Lung Disease Risk

Study Finds Slight Reduction in COPD Risk in Women Who Regularly Take Vitamin E Supplements

May 17, 2010 -- Long-term, regular use of vitamin E supplements appears to reduce the risk of chronic obstructive lung disease or COPD in women, according to a new study.
But men may not get the same...more

Most Comprehensive Study to Date Shows Adding Tree Nuts to Daily Diet Contributes to Overall Heart Health

The most wide-ranging study to date, this pooled analysis is a systematic way to group results from many studies and treat them as one large study. Twenty-five studies from seven countries were included showing results from 583 people with normal and slightly elevated cholesterol levels, who were not on cholesterol-lowering medication.
The research...more